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Perchment Family

Updated: 01 May 2011 (new or updated items in brown)
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This web site is dedicated to the Perchment family. The Perchment surname is a rare surname in the United States.
Surnames found on this site: 
Amberson or Emberson, Amberson, Ayres, Baker, Bauughman, Bradley, Case, Cramer, Dean, Deitrick, Delaney, Dietrich, Earnest, Edwards, Ernst, Feck, Forsythe, Frazer, Gilliland, Gordon, Grant, Grube, Hanna, Howes, Kain, Kearsey, Kenyon, Kreiger, Mc Laughlin, McWilliams, Merriman, Miller, Osborn, Ottley, Penney, Perchment, Powell, Price, Rearick, Schroeder, Sprague, Starkey, Taxis, Thompson, Utley, Viets, Woodhull

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Update database- We've added a lot of  names and information:

Clara Perchment and Charles Forest Edwards marriage

Charles Perchment and Dora Bates marriage

Stanley Perchment, son of William and Mary

Ella Perchment, son of Henry

Amanda Perchment and William Delany marriage


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Information on this site:

These are 2 different genealogy programs that create web pages of the we've genealogy gathered.  Which one is better, I'm not sure.  Both contain the same data.

If you have comments or questions, I would suggest that you use the Perchment message board at  (It's free)  There are a few of  us working on the Perchment family that participate in the message board.

Our Perchment Ancestors:

The Perchments we come from began with Peter Perchment (also spelled Parchment, Perchmant, Parchman) was born about 1755.  He was one of three brothers (Peter, John, Phillip). It is believed that a Nicholas was their father, all coming from Germany.  Peter seemed to be the only brother which used the Perchment spelling.

Peter joined the army in 1777 and fought in a number of battles in the revolutionary war. He was wounded and later received a pension from Virginia. He had a large family of twelve children.  He died 12 Feb 1844 and was buried in the Buelah Presbyterian Church cemetery.

A more in depth history compiled by Dr. Lonnie Gerald Parchman is a part of some email/email lists from Apr 1998, originally written  in October 1976


Other Links:

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Beulah Cemetery- Burial of Peter Perchment Sr.-  Plot 26, shows a picture of the gravestone

 Parchman family. Nicholas Parchman was the father of Peter Perchment Sr.-  BAD LINK

John W. Perchment-  listed in Alaska Yukon Goldrush Participants (interesting, but not much information)

East Liberty, Pennsylvania history mentions Peter Perchment's log house

The Homestead Strike of 1892 mentions Col. PD Perchment and the Fourteenth Regiment

Allegheny County, PA 1790 U.S. Census index lists Peter Perchment   BAD LINK

Wrangell Alaska Newspaper Index mentions William Perchment, died 1928

Pension application of Peter Perchment 1828 application  New